Meg Sommers Photography is dedicated to promoting the value of wildlife and wild places in an effort to encourage preservation and conservation, not only for our future generations, but also for theirs.

I am lucky to live only 50 miles from Yellowstone National Park.  When I go to Yellowstone, I feel like I am going home.  I find a strong sense of balance and equilibrium  there -  something that seems to be missing in my modern world.   

It is my humble hope that when you look at my images of this natural world, you too will see that balance, understand its need to be, and gain a small measure of it’s equilibrium.   So, please, look through my images,  see what I have seen, go where I have been.  I think  you will love it too!

Just For Fun: What's more fun than watching a very young black bear cub in a tree in Yellowstone? Watching 3 cubs! Come take a look for yourself!