2021 Schedule:

Among my many passions and pass times, I have had the honor and good fortune to be the Wildlife Photography Instructor at the Yellowstone Association (now Yellowstone Forever) Institute since 2010 and the Road Scholar program, formerly known as Elderhostel since 2012.  If you don't know about one or either of these programs,  please take a minute to follow the links below and find out about them.  If you love Yellowstone or would love to know more about Yellowstone, field classes can't be beaten!


May 21-26, 2021 "Advanced Spring Wildlife Photography" Yellowstone Forever Institute Course No.  (Gardiner Campus)  Please note this is an advanced class for intermediate and advanced students.  You should understand the basics of your camera before you attend. Please click here for more information about this class. 

June 10-15, 2021
"Spring Wildlife Photography"
 Yellowstone Forever Institute Course No.  (Gardiner Campus)  Please click here for more information about this class. 

September 14-18, 2021 "Fall Wildlife Photography" Yellowstone Forever Institute Course No.  (Gardiner Campus)  Please click here for more information about this class. 

September 25-30, 2021 "Advanced Fall Wildlife Photography"  Yellowstone Forever Institute Course No. 1901202. (Gardiner Campus) Please note this is an advanced class for intermediate and advanced students.  You should understand the basics of your camera before you attend.  Please click here for more information about this class. 
mber 14-18, 2020 "Fall Wildlife Photography" Yellowstone Forever Institute Course No. , (Gardiner Campus)September 14-18, 2020 "Fall Wildlife Peptember "Dear Meg, Thank you so much for sharing your experience, wisdom, and insights with me. I said on the first day of class, that I hoped I might begin to fall in love with digital photography, just as I had been with film photography. After your workshop, I have more influence over my photographs, and confidence to take credit for creating my images. My affection for digital photography is growing! In fact, I am off to B&H to do a little research and shopping this afternoon, and I have signed up for several of their workshops. Your respectful and engaging teaching style made all the difference for me. I expected that you would share with us the technical aspects and creative suggestion for photographing wildlife in winter, but I never expected to learn, from you, as much as I did about Yellowstone National Park and the wildlife who call the park home. Your class was well rounded, fun, and extremely beneficial to me on numerous levels. I look forward to studying with you again (with a tripod I love ;) Thank you Meg, for rekindling my passion for photography. With warm regards, and gratitude" JAR

"My purpose for this note is to especially thank you for allowing me to attend your workshop.  It so far exceeded my expectations I don't know where to begin.  You were superb.  The classroom to field time ratio was perfect.  Though I could have used more classroom time for my needs. Using your advice, I have a good long list of things, and will employ them this summer.  Your patience was certainly exemplary, for me and possibly a few others.  Thank you.  I believe everyone had a great time.  That doesn't happen often.  Bill was also wonderful. Very knowledgeable and helpful.  Regarding what I believe to be of top-most of importance, both of you demonstrated the highest degree of ethical behavior and common decency. Your workbook is a jewel.  It is a real valuable tool I would not have normally expected.  You are to be commended.  I could go on and on but will save you the eye-rolling:>)  Bottom line-----you are a great instructor.  I will highly recommend your courses to my friends." SB

“Meg was the instructor for the Spring Wildlife Photography class I attended through the Yellowstone Association. I would highly recommend her as an instructor for any course she teaches. Her combined skills as a seasoned wildlife photographer and naturalist make for an excellent learning experience. She is very helpful in the classroom and in the field and my digital photography skills improved noticeably as a result of her class. I intend to take it again next Spring. as the learning process never ends, and Meg is great at providing advice for students at all skill levels.”  DF 

“Meg's extensive knowledge of photography and animal behavior make her a great workshop leader. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her respect for wild animals is obvious. I recommend her to anyone wanting to improve his or her photography skills or to sway the odds of finding wild animals in their natural habitats.”  JM

" I took the Spring into Wildlife class and Meg ignited in me an excitement for photography that I had not experience before, and that excitement has extended well beyond the end of the class.  She made previously complex concepts not just understandable, but applicable.  I am a better overall photographer, a more informed naturalist, and I carry with me a lifetime of memories after having taken the Spring into Wildlife class.  Meg combined her photography skills, incredible instincts as a naturalist, and a deep understanding of how adults learn into an experience that I both cherish and eagerly anticipate repeating again in the near future. (And I mean every word of it...)" SL

"So pleased with the increase in my skills!  PK

“Meg is not only a wonderful person but a talented photographer. I have had the pleasure of spending many hours with Meg in Yellowstone National Park and enjoyed every minute. Her knowledge of the Park, it's inhabitants and its history are second only to her kind and caring nature. She's one of the best....” BB